Thanks for stopping by! I share stories about my personal life, career, and writing. My goal is to share real experiences and lessons learned from a life well lived. I’ve had a successful, 20+ year career in technology. I’ve traveled internationally. I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people. …

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And just like that, my 30-day “Medium writing fast” challenge is over. I’ve learned more about me as a writer than originally expected.

Assuming you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a link to the unique rules I set for myself in this recent 30-day challenge:

What I Learned

The first…

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Thanksgiving is part of my favorite season of the year — fall. For me, the countdown to the official fall season starts in September, celebrates its peak at Halloween, settles into Thanksgiving, and ends with the beginning of winter at Christmas and New Year.

Every Thanksgiving holiday is unique for…

October J.

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